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Sizzling Hot by Novomatic Games is truly one of the easiest ways to enjoy a slot machine with highly lucrative prizes on offer from every single spin. Beyond the simplicity of the slot, where players are aiming to match adjacent fruit symbols and the lucky 7, lies the progressive jackpot that is calculated using the same coin values as the standard game.

Sizzling Hot Online

This progressive jackpot is the key money maker on Sizzling Hot. It is reminiscent of massive boards in real casinos, suspended above the main slots area. The ever increasing total in those casinos is contributed to by every single spin on linked machines, with a certain cut of the stake contributing to the jackpot. The same principle applies online. Every single player in the online casino adds to the jackpot with every spin, win or lose. With the jackpot starting out at a remarkable 10,000 coins, it is always most certainly worth winning, and has to be the overall aim of any slot player.

However, there is more to Sizzling Hot than the pursuit of the mega prizes. The game itself can be highly lucrative, and strips away some of the themes and storylines that have become so prevalent among modern slots to return the game to its roots as video machines in real casinos.

Players will initially notice the symbols. In this game, those symbols are made up of the standard fruits, including lemons and cherries, plus the star scatter symbol and of course the lucky 7 itself. The values of these fruits can be viewed at any time on a separate screen by using the ‘Paytable’ button. Three or more fruits or 7s lined up along any win line award a multiple of the stake, with certain fruits worth much more than others.


Some players will be more than satisfied with the basic prizes on offer. Some fruits, plus the 7, offer great prizes on every single spin. For the more adventurous, the slot also incorporates the gamble feature that has become almost essential in every online slot offering. Even this mini game continues the simplistic theme – the player has an even money chance of doubling every prize. Should they do so successfully, they can then bet that prize on the same gamble game, looking to double it once more. This means that even three lemons, one of the lowest value pay symbols, can lead to massive prizes for players that have hit a lucky streak at the right time. Of course, the very nature of gambling a prize means that it can be lost, but players can immediately resume play on the standard game board in an effort to continue matching fruits or hopefully win the progressive jackpot.

When players see the more unusual star symbol, they may well be in for more massive prizes. The star alone is pretty much worthless. However, three or more on a single spin open up the bonus feature, offering the chance at risk free prizes. What is more, unlike other symbols, the star does not have to be matched up adjacently. Instead, as the scatter symbol, it can appear anywhere across the five reels with the same result.

Rather than complicating play with a true bonus round, the bonus feature of Sizzling Hot is exactly that; a bonus. This bonus comes in the form of a cash prize, immediately added to the player’s account and often highly lucrative.

The 7 itself is the other symbol to keep a closer eye on than the others. Every symbol awards a prize when matched adjacently across three or more reels from the left. However, you already know of the massive progressive jackpots on offer, and this is where the 7 comes into its own. Five 7s do not have their own multiple of the stake amount as a guaranteed prize. Instead, five 7s across any win line result in the player literally hitting the jackpot – the progressive jackpot is theirs.

As if this wasn’t enough, Novomatic have not neglected the simple things that can make a casino slot player’s life easier. The auto play feature that is so common in their games is available on Sizzling Hot. This button can make life much easier for players intending to play the game for extended periods of time, where their standard stake and win line selection is used indefinitely, only stopping when either the player exhausts their gaming credit or when the feature is manually cancelled.

Sizzling Hot is a great choice for a whole range of casino players of all skill levels. The basic functionality is endearing rather than boring and the massive prizes available make it a more than worthwhile experience.

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